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sherman M4 105mm


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I was meaning that i was unable to make it working. Thank you for sharing the tool, Oberleutnant.

I've been able to import the Fiat 508 and Fiat 621 from ToW1, for the italians in ToW2 and used an Opel and Kubel DamageIcon. I followed closely the readme:

-1. TGA format with alpha channel, no compression;

2. folder with these textures must have the same name as the unit;

3. all textures are of the same size. Texture with damages contains only the damaged parts, the rest of the image must be cut off by using alpha channel.

Main texture showing undamaged unit - unit_big.tga, unit_small.tga.

• damaged tracks or wheels:

o left side: track_left_big.tga, track_left_small.tga;

o right side: track_right_big.tga, track_right_small.tga;

• damaged engine or transmission (hull painted red): hull_big.tga, hull_small.tga

but i did not understand the following lines:

These textures must be compiled into one by using DamTexConverter tool. Input parameters are:

- path to the textures folder (relative to current directory)

- shift (optional, 5 by default).

what are we supposed to do with the textures folder? When i put the unit textures folder on the DamTexConverter thingy, all i get is a error message.

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I sent you an email with a step by step instructions !

Tell me if it is clear.

If yes, I can give the link to whom is interested !

Arzok, thank you for it. I understood everything and I got myself these icons. I am ashamed, because it was simply elementary. Thank you very much!:o

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Excellent :)

So now, the only major missing thing is how to create a new nation in TOW 2/3 ?

It is not clear for me if Tartar, you have imported polish and french units as new nations, or with an existing nation ?

What russian modders think about that ? :confused:

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On the new nations around wrote on russian forum. I'll look for it. But nobody has yet made ​​it real. I myself have no idea how to do it. American nation for the Eastern Wind mod Yuri Verbitsky (YuVe) added. I add only U.S. units from ToW3 and train car (static) from ToW1.

YuVe told me that he can add the nation. Write to him in pm on the russian forum http://forum.1csc.ru/index.php?/user/209774-yuve/

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This unit was in squad leader (If you know that game).

So I though it was a real unit :confused:

This is a fiction, I think. Weight of 85-mm guns (52 k) - 4500 kg. Carrying capacity of the truck GAZ - 1500 kg. Carrying capacity of the truck ZIS-5 - 3000 kg. These trucks can not carry this gun.:)

Perhaps I can try something like this :


It's a good idea if you know how to do it. DShK or Four-Maxim on the truck.
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More than a fiction, I think it is a simplification.

Some 85AA were probably mounted on trucks, but probably heavier trucks.

For the DShK, I can do the same than for the MG jeep. And search if I can replace the US MG but an CCCP MG.

After, it is not sure that I can deal with animation !

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Interesting! I had Squad Leader back in the 80's. I have been wondering how some of the senarios might make work in TOW.

I used some senarios to make missions, especially for TOW 1 :)

I guess the information about creating new nations was not good.


Units can be imported. Italians can be imported. But Poles and French, it needs more work. One possibility is to affect french units to UK or USA army, for exemple !

That can make sense for the end of the war, as french used US weapons. But less for the begin of the war.

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