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Problems With Nupremal's World Mod

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I recently purchased Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict and decided to download Nupremal's latest version of his 1939 World Mod. I really like this mod by the way! Here is my problem or problems, I play multiplayer via network with a friend. Since installing Nupremal's World Mod I found I could no longer play the original 1939 scenario in multiplayer.

So I installed a second clean version of the game on my cpu thinking that would solve the problem. It didn't, was still having a version conflict problem in multiplayer. So I decided to just uninstall both versions of the game and and start all over and then ran into this problem...

When I attempt to uninstall the game I get a pop-up window saying:

D:Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict\unins000.exe

D:Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict\unins000.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

I am running XP on a not so new cpu. Short of wiping the hard drive and starting from scratch, I am not sure what to do. Can anyone help me please??

Many thanks, Storm

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Here is what I did and the results. I put my cpu in safe mode and was able to run the uninstaller, but I am not getting a complete uninstall. It is not asking me if I want to remove the license during uninstall so I know it is not doing a complete removal as verified once I reinstalled the game. I am able to do uninstalls on other games and programs without any issues, so it is not a virus problem.

I reinstalled the game, launched a multiplayer network game and my friend joined. He puts in my IP address and once connection is achieved a game warning pops up with the following message:


Original campaign could not be found: 1939 World at War

He is then able to join the game and see the map. But no matter which side (axis or allies) I select, he is always allies. Once I take my turn and end it, the game then will crash. Now here is the kicker, if he hosts, the same sequence of events (Warning message still appears) happen with the exception that I will enter the game on the correct side (axis or allies), and the game will play normally.

I have seen something like this before with another game, I think putting in "Nupremal's World Mod" somehow modified something in the registry. Something that I am unable to uninstall. That might explain why when I load a second version of the game on my cpu, it has the same problem. At least that is my thought.

When something like this happened before with another game, I friend sent me the game .exe file which I put into the game and corrected the problem. Not sure that is going to work in this case, but we are going to try it this weekend.

I would not have thought that putting in a scenario/mod into Strategic Command would cause a problem like this. This issue would not show up in single player games as the mod ran fine for me. But in multiplayer it is definently a problem. I am thinking, that if my friend had installed "Nupremal's World Mod", we would have had the same version of the game and there may not have been any multiplayer issues.

If I may suggest Battlefront, you might want to place a warning at the Battlefront Repository, that using these mods will change the game and may cause problems for multiplayer games.

If anyone has come across this problem and has a fix, I would sure appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks

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Hi Storm Chaser,

Sorry to hear about the trouble and all I can say is that the mod should have no effect on your ability to play the game multiplayer or otherwise as it is just a simple file copy over to your 'Campaigns' folder.

I would suggest a full uninstall and clean install to see if that helps as well as a reboot and applying the latest patch as I suspect it will fix your network issue as well.


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