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Do you happen to be using a Voodoo 3/4/5 series video card ? If so, then you may want to try the latest drivers in conjunction with DirectX 8.0a. If that doesn't do it, then possibly lowering your resolution down to 1024 x 768 or less may help.

If you're using a Voodoo 4/5 series card then there is a posting in the main forum for an FTP site to download the latest version of the software. For the Voodoo 3 series I think you're stuck with what is posted (if you can still get to the 3dfx site). Driver links are also available from places like VoodooExtreme and Reactorcritical.

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You may have to adjust your FSAA settings or disable the second VSA chip (done from the Voodoo control panel).

I believe you will also see corruption of the screen when you you ESC to the desktop and bring CM back up. This is prevented by disabling the 2nd chip too.

You may want to do a search on this forum for "Voodoo" and your model number to see the posts related to this.

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Guest Madmatt

Supposedly someone in the main forum has stated that these problems were fixed in the brand new drivers that were released last week.

I am awaiting to get full confirmation of what these new drivers really fixes.


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