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CMBN un hide but dont shoot option would be helpful

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1) is it possible to change facing in CMBN without the unit standing up and running ? i.e i think a slow (crawl) facing change option would be helpful.

2) when units use slow to crawl into a building would it be possible to get them to hold fire. Currently can only do this with the hide option which only seems to be deployed while stationary.

3) would it be possible to decouple the hide from a "dont shoot" option. Would be helpful to be able to un-hide to look for target without actually shooting at them and giving position away.

All of the above points are obviously linked , just finding it hard to sneak around with an AT weapon to get eyes on and align a perfect shot without stopping the units taking a shot and giving away their position.

(red on red scenario, veteran level , CMSF , 3 x RPG 7 teams hunting a single T72 in a small village test ... closest i could get to US inf hunting a Tiger :) ).

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Good thinking!


Coming from you, that means a lot to me. I'll ask my mother to print it out and put it on the fridge :P. In CMSF you can set cover arcs at waypoints, so what you can do is start off with a really small cover arc and at the waypoint where the kill is suppose to happen set a cover arc covering the target.

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What's wrong with using a short cover arc for the don't shoot option? I only hide my guys if I really don't want them to be seen, e.g. when I know something's shooting at them and I want them to keep their heads down.

Yip that is a fair point :) , short cover arc would be a good work around.

What about the facing change. Anyway to control the crawl (hard to spot) or run (easier to spot) when a unit changes face in a building ?

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:) another good call , its works.

Selected SLOW in centre of building and face some place other than where i was facing and it worked.

Ok so

1) tiny cover arc to hold fire when moving otherwise a spot is a shot and the element of surprise is lost as your ability to craft the perfect shot.

2) using slow command prior to face command to crawl while changing facing.

Couple of good tips for CMBN players if your hunting armour with an AT weapon :)

Thanks for the posts.


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