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SPW 250/10 totally useless?

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I'm playing a scenario involving large numbers of tanks (Pz IIIs, Crusaders, Cruisers) engaging at long range (1km) on a desert map with lots of small ridges. I am having a problem employing these HTs. Their guns are useless for engaging troops and yet they will not stand and fight anything on wheels (even old Mark VIb).

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The 250/10 & 251/10 HTs should do just fine against wheeled vehicles w/MGs or ATRs.

Its possible your 250 HT might have misidentified the AC as having a bigger gun then an MG/ATR and would attempt to reverse in cover. OR, if the your HT is at short range to enemy AC, it might evade to get away from enemy effective MG fire.

Crew quality also might effect how your 250 HT engages the enemy.

I just played a couple quick battles and had the 250/10 engage a Humber AC w/MG, and Harmington AC w/20mm auto at 500meters with no problem.

You might want to do some playtesting of your own to see what conclusions you come up.


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