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Guest Madmatt

You also absolutely, positively want to avoid, at all costs, the 7.17 drivers once you get the new TCP/IP patch! You will get annoying flickering and the game will lock up repeatedly. We have notified Nvidia and problem seems to stem from changes they made in calls to the Blit and FastBlit in Direct3D.

I believe Asherons Call also experiences the instability and flickering with those drivers.

We recommend that for the time being you stick with the official 6.31 Detonator 3 drivers or if you have to have beta drivers (and you know who you are) then go no higher than the 6.47 ones.


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Actually with my GeForce 2, Windows 2000, and 6.47 drivers I have a prob:

If I launch a game, and then even before going to the actual battle, ALT+TAB to the desktop and then back into the game, launch a battle - it will crash with "Unhandeled Exception". So only 6.31 work for me.

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