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Anybody figured this one out yet?


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Matt, I received a burned copy of CMBB today. Thanks. But....it does the same thing.

1. The CMBB Installer seems to work. It takes about 10 minutes the first time. Each subsequent time it went to the install screen right away.

2. When I click INSTALL, I get the error message:

"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

3. When I click on DETAILS, it says:

"CMBB INSTALLER caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at


4. When I looked in Program Files, the CMBB file is there.

5. When I opened CMBB, I had one file:

Barbarrosa to Berlin.exe 6,871KB

6. When I click on this I'm told that it is not a valid Win32 application.

7. Please send help!!!!

8. Thanks for all you guys have done so far, but, I really hope I can get this to work.

Thanks, Mike

Things I've also done:

1. I reinstalled Directx8.1b.

2. I updated my video drivers-NVIDIA 30.82.

3. I updated my logitech mouse drivers-mw973enu

4. I went so far as to uninstall my entire Norton System works 2002.(Antivirus included)

My system:


12GB Maxtor HD

Viper 770 video card

Acer dvd/cd (not sure what m/n)

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The particular error that you're getting I wouldn't necessarily associate with a bad CD. Most of the CD problems usually involve a CRC error after 90% completion or so. In your case you're crashing on the first file and things aren't being written correctly to the hard drive.

If you're running Win9x/ME, then I suggest doing a Ctrl-Alt-Del and closing down any programs that are running except Explorer & Systray. I also suggest performing a scandisk to make sure that there aren't any file system problems. Also clean out any temporary folders of files.

It's also possible that your AntiVirus uninstall didn't actually complete properly. This may involve registry editing to remove some entries.

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