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I'm in pain.


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Haven't followed battlefront that closely as RL got busy and haven't liked lots of the latest games (didn't like TOW's feel for example) but have been waiting for YEARS for CMC.

Got a TOW3 notice in the mail and suddenly CMC popped into my head, haven't checked on progress in a looonnnngggggg time.....

And so I log in to see this. Man CM was my number one game for so long, and I love strategic warfare also. I had lots of fun with CloseCombat 2 and it's dual style even though it was very simple. So CMC was going to be pure gold....

Oh man it hurts.

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Know exactly how you feel. CM1 is still my favorite game that let me simulate about any encounter I could dream up.

CMBN looks good and the only drawback, well a big drawback is the very limited scope of the game. Get the feeling that Multiman Publishing is involved.

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