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How to contact 1C developers? Are they even interested?

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Anyone from 1C development monitoring these forums?

If not, what is the best way to contact 1C developers for feedback?

I have been a loyal fan and have bought the entire TOW series including TOW3.

I read a lot about Multiplayer enhancements in TOW3 since I don't play nor care

about single player campaigns. For strategy games, Multiplayer is the only way

I and many others I know would play the game.

Unfortunately, with TOW, ir appears less emphasis is given to Multiplayer and more

is given to single player campaign! I believe this is the #1 reason that this game is

not as popular as it should be.

I read in previews and I saw with my own eyes screen captures of Multiplayer where

users can play on a strategic map of entire Korean penninsula and where the battlefield

size is selectable. My main interest is to play on larger maps. There is no need to discuss

why or what are the merits of small maps compared to large as it is a dead-end discussion.

All we were asking for was a choice. Those who like small maps and quick engagements or low-end PCs, could play on small maps and those who like the thrill of search and hunt while having more time to setup units and implement grander strategies other than a quick tank rush, would opt to play on larger maps.

To mine and all my friends' astonishment, the Multiplayer aspect has NOT changed a bit. The user interface and game options remain EXACTLY the same. The only difference is the new maps! Wow! Am I supposed to be impressed by just the same old game and a bunch of new maps and a couple of new vehicles?

Please let us know why 1C refuses to breathe longevity and a wider dynamic to this game?

Why refusing to allow larger maps even at the expense of less accurate trackings and calculations. Let the users decide the caveats. Don't make the wrong assumptions over and over and over again.

Very frustrated and extremely disappointed user.

At least, have the decency to respond why you chose not to do what you promised.

I am out $45 but at least tell me why you didn't deliver what you promised?

Over and out

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I'm not sure where you saw screen captures showing multiplayer map size selection and multiplayer over entire peninsula. You can consult the main features list on the game website - there are no multiplayer specific highlights. We are sorry that you didn't get what you wanted but to my knowledge we did not promise what you describe.

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bro, you may want to head over to the 1c forums and voice your concerns as the Devs wil be more inclined to visit there more often.

1c knows that once cmbn arrives no one will play another game for quite awhile. Just let this hold you over until end of april because what your hopeing will not most likely not happend until tow5.

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look under Sneaksie's name... your answer...

If you got all of the series... I would of thought you would of known what your getting... this is a great game, best in the series... but I guess not everyone will be happy.

hey mag, can you put another Video AAR? this time concentraing on infantry in a city enviroment.

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