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NEW (3rd Party) Voodoo 3/4/5 series Win2K/XP drivers

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For those of you contemplating moving to Windows 2000 or XP Home/Pro there are some new drivers available from a 3rd party. I have not tested these drivers myself (and they are beta). I don't know if they'll exaggerate or fix any of the current problems people are running into. I believe that they've been made available since the WinXP drivers don't support all of the previous functions that the original 3dfx drivers did. So they are most likely a port of previous Win2K drivers with a little tweaking for some speed improvements (which may cause further problems in CMBO).

Anyway, here they are:


One small note, they are unavailable at the moment as indicated by the green text near the download URL, but they should be reposted (somewhere) shortly.

UPDATE: It appears that there are some intellectual property problems with some of the included .DLL files, so the drivers so far are unavailable and may remain so. Hopefully these other developers can agree to make these drivers available as freeware or shareware to support all the users of these cards with the latest OS's, but that may not occur.

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