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A Blast From The Past

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From July of 2000 to be exact.

This message is mostly for Schrullenhaft who was kind enough to try to help me out way back then.

It was then that I was having a lot of problems with Combat Mission locking up on my computer. I eventually got it to run by turning off the ambient sound and weather. I'd set CM aside (I know I know I'm a heathen) for the longest time

and merely checked in on the forum to read all the interesting (and some of the uninteresting) posts. Well, I just upgraded DirectX to 8.1 and I had a thought about whether or not it would help with CMBO. It also dawned on me that since my problems I'd gone from 64MB RAM to 256 MB RAM and I had another CD drive to play with (my Kenwood has been nothing but trouble). So I fired up CMBO went to a scenario with fog that would always lock up my 'puter in seconds, turned on sound and weather and, lo and behold, no lockups! I played a couple of turns, went zooming around at view 1 (something guaranteed to cause a lock up before) and actually giggled out loud. I would guess that the extra memory has the most to do with it especially since everything seems quicker now.

I just thought I'd post a success story even if it took almost a year and a half to write it.

I am now going to play CMBO while anxiously awaiting CMBB. :)

Thanks to all those who helped me in the past.

Cardinal Fang

Have Comfy Chair. Will Travel.

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