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Voodoo5 ugly!

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If I set my Voodoo5, using the latest driver, to any other setting but "Single Chip", the screen gets massively corrupted when I try to Esc (which, by the way, really confuses the hell out of us Windows users) out to the desktop.

Here'a a nice picture of what happens.


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I'm not sure how much work needs to be done on 3dfx's end when it comes to using more than one processor on the Voodoo5 series of cards. Other users have seen text corruption, etc. when the second processor is enabled.

I'm not aware of anything in particular that BTS could do to get rid of this sort of problem. It is more likely an issue with the Voodoo 5 drivers and the way they handle texture caching, etc. with more than one processor.

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I'm a programmer, and while I've never done 3d programming, I'm hearing what you're saying.

Something that Battlefront is doing on its minimize/restore code appears to be doing something that the 3dfx drivers don't like.

Now, I can't tell if its because the 3dfx drivers are bad or because BTS did something wrong.

Who knows. If they fix it, that'd be great.

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