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Ok well ive seen it long ago, when i played before. but the bottom screen in a tcp game is all blacked out and cant see the buttons jsut some of the white letters and numbers. ive got a ati 9600 vid card, ya i know its got issues but this is a prob ive had before. i searched but not much in the database anymore, or so i could find. any ideas or links. cause before it was a simple fix.. thanks

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I found one post on this problem in the past, but there wasn't a clear cut resolution (other than 'restarting CM'). ESC'ing / Alt-Tab'ing out to minimize CM doesn't seem to affect the problem in the past.

Which Catalyst driver do you have installed ? I honestly don't know if a newer version (if you don't already have it) would help with this issue or not.

Are you actually making a connection in the TCP/IP game ? Do you have firewall and/or anti-virus software running in the background ? Has CM and its TCP Port 7023 been added to the firewall list as an 'exception' to allow it to play (or not come up with a warning dialog to allow it through each time) ?

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Ok well im sure its the latest veersion, dl it the other week ago. 06.4. havent really tried the alt-tab out to desktop deal, but worth a try. yes i do make the connection, the opp made it to where we were both lookin at the battefield. i had searched but didnt find a answer or real hit on this prob. i dont think it had to do with the port thing though, but i guess ya never know. you think some antivirus in the background could cause this? i really wish i had a good memorey, then id remember what the prob was years ago. thanks for tryin to help out, any other ideas plz let me know. thanks again btw its on CMBB

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I did some further searching and came upon the following threads (which may not be relevant):

October 2005 - User was using graphic mods for toolbar - replaced the mods (original or another set of mods) and working again

Mod replacement

March 2003 - CMBO issue - resolution, opponent had game minimized during connection and 2D didn't draw correctly - start game maximized until connection. This however may not apply to you and I don't know if it is applicable anymore due to driver and DirectX updates since then (but, then again...)

Starting TCP/IP session minimized (client)

I had originally found a post that I had replied to (that I didn't find this time around), but the only solution was to 'restart CM'; nothing else in the thread pointed to a solution.

Oh, and one other correction. The TCP Port is 7024 rather than 7023 for CM.

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