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BB bugs again !!!


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...while playing Eiserne Strassensperre (Iron Roadblock)- scenario, i noticed, that bailed tank crews "mutating" into ordinary (feldgrau) crews

after a few rounds !...well, that is not as that

worse, but i think that this failure could be patched ??!!...

thank you

...and the PAK 37 is still always darkyellow, even i repeated the setup several times...the setup itself was very difficult, because sometimes the Win RAR self extracting archive got failure message: " CRC failed from ", " some installation files are corrupt ", " please download a fresh copy and retry installation "...so do i have got a

broken CD or is there a conflict with my PC- settings ?...1200 Athlon, Geforce 2, Direct X 8,0...

thank you

[ September 21, 2002, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: Stickel ]

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In the Final Candidate I have the PAK 36 is also yellow for early dates. The CMBB Demo however has some grey bitmaps, which I believe could still be used in the full version. However I don't know what the BMP numbers are specifically for the PAK 36.

I haven't seen the particular problem you're speaking of with the tank crews changing BMPs to match standard infantry. I'll have to double-check it.

There will be a forthcoming patch which fixes some issues unique to the CDV release (because it came out a bit sooner than the BFC release). However I don't see either of these issues being mentioned from what I know.

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