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Units in cities

Boris Balaban

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You're talking about AI units I assume. I wouldn't want this to happen to my units. For AI units this should be already there to a certain extent. My understanding is Brit fixed it a month or two ago. They will go in for repairs based on a formula.

I am talking about my units.

For ships in my city when the city is attacked my ships will go out and fight but I have to tell them to go in the city for repair.

This would be nice (rule set) that after a fight my units would go to the nearist base for repair. As for a ship if the city has not build a port then the ship will move to the nearest city with a port until I redirect it.

1 You may add do not attack but repair when needed.

2 Attack but repair after you defeat the enemy.

So you can change from the second (2) to (1) to limp back for repair and let the rest of the fleet or army fight.

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