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Two things really...(tanks and email)

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The first thing is why is it that when a tank becomes immobile in the road or some other obstacle it will not move it's turret to fire at other legitimate objects?

The second is that I have Windows 98 and Outlook Express. I attach the PBEM file and my email gives me trouble authenticating my user name and password. if I attach something else with it like a screen shot, I don't have any of these problems. Any ideas?


Deadeye II

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On the problem with the non-rotating turret... I believe that if you set an Ambush marker the turret will turn and possibly engage targets. Unfortunately there is a bit of a limitation with the way CM handles turrets, but I haven't delved into this very much.

You may want to try "zipping" your PBEMs first and then attaching them. I don't know why Outlook Express is having a problem with attaching a CM PBEM, but a zipped file may attach w/o problem. If you want to experiment with this further you can go to (within Outlook Express) Tools > Options > Send tab > Mail Sending Format section > Plain Text Settings button > Message Format section > you can pick between "MIME" and "UUENCODE". You may want to select MIME and "None" for the text encoding. I suggest experimenting with the settings to see if any of them work for you. If none of them do, then your ISP may be having a problem with the way Outlook attaches the CM PBEMs.

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Well the reason for the immobility was stupidity mostly on my part. I had parked next to my own road block that was in a lolwer portion of the road. The road block had taken a direct morter hit at one time. I wanted my tank to be hull down next to it. The scenario weather was rain. I tried to pull away from the road block and slid in next to it. Funny huh? So on a realistic note, and that action happening, I was a little disappointed that in turn 5 of 20 I lost all capabilities of my tank, which in reality was the best deterant I had on the map in that location. Clear line of sight for quite some distance even in the rain.

Oh well. >8)

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