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Hi Guys, First of all I havent read EVERY post. So if this has been covered, please direct me to where it is and I will read it. Couple of points. Ive played Combat Mission for years. I would come in from work, dinner on, then build a scenario from scratch...village, hills, rivers, bridges, factories, railway junction, etc. Pick MY OWN AND ENEMY FORCES and fight. Easy, non complicated, fun. Then there's Theatre of War Kursk. Played the tutorial. Love the graphics. Love the individual soldiers. AI looks good so far...BUT. When i come to set up a simple scenario on the generator what happens. Why cant I hav a scout team with a platoon hq and an infantry unit and an hmg? [Advise me if Ive missed something]. Why are they blocked out? Ad hock battlegroups [as long as they were historically available] are a fact of war. In Combat Mission it is easy. It even gives you full units, say Panzergrenadier platoon 1944, whatever. You added whatever artillery, heavy weapons, etc whatever was historically available, clicked on it and there it was on the map a few clicks later. Why does TOW Kursk stop you choosing the units you want? Also why cant I choose the opposing side? [i wont always want to do this but often I do]. My wish list. Combat Mission playability with TOW Kursk graphics and AI. I will persevere, but Im hearing good things about Achtung Panzer so will give that a go as well. I await the usual positive and/or sarcastic replies. Sorry to be so cynical but ive read enough posts to see there are some real smartypants out there!

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