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new map: Army group south

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This is my new (1st) map. Its only pvp cause I dont know and cant script. If there is someone who is willing to script, please contact me.

I dont have any scripts at all. So is there anythings I should know before uploading?

June the 22nd 1941. Hitler is about to launch Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia.

German, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian troops stand ready. You can take command of 2 of the largest army’s the world has ever seen. Fight your way towards the city of Stalingrad or defend the motherland. There are no decision events. There is just one decision, to fight or die trying.

General info:

-Movement cost are all reduced to 0 (operational, transport and amphibious)

- Turns are simultaneous

-Spring 7 days, summer 5 days (good for summer offensive), fall 7 days and winter 9 days.

-Most of the Russian troops wont be available before January 1942. By this time the German troops are knocking on the gates. Which will be very interesting. There will be a lot of Russian forces ready in July 1942 for the Russian summer counteroffensive.

-objectives are:

Axis: take and hold Stalingrad, the Kakausus and as much land as you can get.

Russia: defend the motherland and puss the German army back.


- HQ’s have 11 units under them. (kampfgroupe/ battle groups)

-The German specialize in: Infantry weapons +1.5 and Anti-tank weapons +2.

-Advanced aircraft +1.5

- Hungarian, Romanian and Italian troops have there weapon stats downgraded to -0.5 (Infantry weapons, Anti-tank weapons and the artillery) This is because they were poor troops in battle.

-German special forces are SS troops


-The Russians specialize in: Heavy tanks +1.5 and Artillery +2 + only 5% accuracy loss

-The Stalin line consists of poor troops. They all have their strength reduced but are well dug-in.

-As the Russian commander you start with only 30% industry so develop this technology fast. (+99 MPP a turn) This is to represent the surprise attack from the German army and the readiness of the Russian army.

-Russian special forces are Guard and Shock troops.

Model changes:

German 88mm AT gun

German SdKfz7/1 AA

German Hummel artillery

German army is represented by panzergrenadiers model

German corps is represented by army model

German lvl4 and 5 tank model switched (lvl4 Panther / lvl5 Tiger)

Russian SU76 self-propelled AT gun

Russian JS2 lvl5 tank

Russian lvl2 tanks are T34

Russian transport models are T34 to represent the tankriders.

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