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Geforce 3 or 4 ?

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Hey TerrorX,

I'm looking to buy whole new system (actuall going to build it myself). So I've been doing some research on components this week. I've been happy w/ my Ge Force 2 card to date and plan on staying with nVidia card. What I've found seems to be the more expensive one's are the Ge Force 3 Ti 500's. More reasonably priced and not much loss in performance (relatively speaking) is Ge Force 3 Ti 200 based cards. Watch out for Ge Force 4's that are out. Not anything wrong with them, but I don't think the mainstream ones are NOT out yet. Everything I've seen thus far that you can actually buy in a Ge Force 4 is "MX". This is the cheapy version of the Ge Force 4 line that they are coming out with. Cost less than Ge Force 3 Ti 200 and 500 based cards and have the performance to match.

If you want to read up for yourself, here are two excellent resources that do go research and testing on all sorts of hardware including video cards:



Good Luck,

Mikester out.

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