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Operation that consistently crashes to the desktop


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I have an op I'm working on, smallish, all armor, that consistently crashes to the desktop on turn 4-6, basically when most of the armor becomes engaged. I've tried modifying the map in various ways but it still crashes.

The map does have a high elevation (Level 15 with ravines in it at lower levels.)

Any suggestions on what I might try? It's a really good operation and I don't want to just can it.

-marc s

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I'm convinced, it crashes on both of my computers. I've changed the elevation map, changed the unit mix, etc. I'm at a loss now. I'm suspicious that it has something to do with the Long LOSes on the map. I'd hate to recreate the map from scratch and run into the same situation. I've sent the cmf file and a saved game file to Matt.

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