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Loads of problems

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I just bought Combat Missions and despite specs well above that demanded by the required specs on the box the game screens ie. the orders menu, the hotkeys menu flashes when I bring them up, also the intro movie never runs and doesn't appear to exist additionally when I initially ran the game and it allowed me to pick graphics card and resolution it was flashing so badly I could hardly read it and it only became clear on the lowest possible spec in the end I managed to decipher the options by reading the intermittent flashes and selected the first option I got the flashing I mentioned earlier not to mention the fact that all the other menu screens are really small. I'm running Windows 98 with SB16 sound card, ATI Radeon DDR 32mb 3D graphics card with 196mb RAM and a Pentium II 450Mghz processor. HELP!!!!! It looks like a really great game and I'd hate to have to give it back.

Phil Sobel


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I haven't seen these problems with CMBO, a Radeon and Win98 before (with other video cards I have). What version of DirectX and what video driver version are you using ? Is your Windows 98 the 1st or 2nd edition ?

I'd suggest getting the latest Beta driver for the Radeon family under Win9x (4.13.9017) from Rage 3D (there's a listing in the upper right hand corner).

Before installing the latest Radeon driver I would also suggest downloading and installing the current version of DirectX 8.1. Reboot after installing this and then install the new Radeon driver.

The Radeons will support all visual effects in CM except fog. Fog table support in DirectX has been lacking for years and probably won't get added anytime soon. I saw one beta driver over a year ago attempt to add fog table support, but CM just completely grayed out in the 3D screen. None of the tweakers will help with this problem either since the support for fog-tables just isn't in the code as far as I'm aware.

[ March 12, 2002, 09:45 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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I updated DirectX and my driver as instructed and guess what? IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!! THANK YOU. I just won the tutorial scenario and though I have much ot learn I'm well on the way.


(still can't find the movie and the briefing screens are still small)

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