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CM crashes on loading

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Yesterday I re-installed CM on my computer (I had recently re-formatted and partitioned my hard drive). After selecting a scenario and setting my options, the game goes into loading fine. But at some point during or after the "loading 3D graphics" phase, it crashes into the desktop without any error messages.

I'm running it on an 333 MHz iMac, 288 MB RAM. I'm thinking it might have something to do with my OS set up. My hard drive has three partitions, one for 9.2.1, one for X, and the third empty. This problem is happening when I'm booted up from the OS 9 partition. After searching through the forum for a little bit, I found a thread implying that OS X installs extensions into the OS 9 system folder that interfere with CM. Following the advice in the thread, I delected the "Classic Rave" extension in my 9.2.1 system folder. Unfortunately, CM still crashes on loading.

Does anybody know what's going on?


PS: Before I had partitioned, when X and 9 were sitting side-by-side on the same hard drive, I could play CM just fine in 9. Go figure.

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That sounds backwards. The 0S9.x folder that is designated the 'Classic' folder by OS X is the one that will have the Classic RAVE extension (and this will be reinstalled everytime you boot OS X if it isn't present). I would think that this would be especially true of an OS 9 folder on the OS X partition (unless you have more than one OS 9 System folder). Do you have a Classic folder on your OS X partition ?

I can't remember if there is another 'Classic' extension that could be causing problems or not. OS 9.2.1 should have the latest applicable ATI video drivers. I do recall some problems with OS 9.2.1 and various games when it first came out and these may be unique to certain Macs. Have you checked to see if you have the latest firmware for your iMac (though that should rarely be the issue) ?

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