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CMBB: Moonshot

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You may think it is silly for me to be posting and talking about such an old game. But I am having some pre-grief anxiety. Sometime over the next few years, something is going to force me off Window XP and likely make this game unplayable.

There will be better simulations. Maybe CM2. But we have already been warned, and I think it is true, that the conditions which produced the persistence and expertise to produce a product with such a wide scope of operations and unit depth.......likely no time soon.

CMBB/CMAK were moonshots. And to torture the Apollo analogy, the fact they were produced with weak computers (relative to what was to come) and documented by grainy graphics, does not significantly diminish the accomplishment.

[Frustratingly, I will likely never play the huge Crimean Campaign which once was linked to this forum, or the CC type improvised campaign with the core unit and complex inter-battle calculation.]

[Yes, I am one of those of the taste that, even in CC, the scope of the Normandy campaign, with regard to units and tactics, seems....much less interesting than 1941-1945 Eastern Front]

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I believe you can already get free virtual machine software, VMWare etc... With the current power of your average PC you should be able run a WinXP virtual machine for a long time to come. Whether CMx1 games will still work in a virtual environment remains to be seen but this could give you some hope.

Taking it further back there are already a lot of C64, DOS, MAME emulators around that let you play all those old games.

Hopefully technology will come to the rescue and these gems won't go the way of the dodo.



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