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Combat Unit Modifications

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First issue

The 'Rocket" unit IMO adds nothing to the game. So since one of the problems with conquering territory is garrisoning cities, I would like to create a garrison/security unit. The in-game units available IMO are inappropriate for this role(too powerful, big and costly). So I would like to "covert" the rocket unit to a garrison/security unit. It would have the attributes of an unimproved infantry unit and only its infantry weaponry would be improvable, nothing else. Is this possible with the editing tools available, if so how:confused:

Second issue

Most of the units in the game are marginally historic. However there never was a corps sized AT unit. I would like this to be similar to an infantry corps but with enhanced AT capabilities (added AT/SP AT Bns). The only thing needing change would be having the infantry weapons upgradable in the current AT unit. Is this possible with the game editor, if so how:confused:

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What to change in each unit is set in the editor. You cant add infantry weapons to anti-tank.

What I did is use Anti-tank for garrison. Really garrisons are crap units of old men and untrained personel not meant for front line combat. Anti-tank fills that role.

I gave them 0 attack and 1 defence. The added anti-tank tech upgrade fills in fine. In my game it works as a very good choice for garrison

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An issue to consider is how the AI handles different unit types. For garrisons, it prefers to use the corps unit-type. It may never use the rocket unit-type, even though you may define it as infantry. For hth games this won't matter, but if your intention is to provide for challenging human and computer opponent play then you need to consider the AI limitations.

I ran into this trying to create a second tank unit and using the anti-tank slot. The AI doesn't use anti-tank units like tank units and I found the overall effect unsatisfying. Ideally the editor should allow you to redefine a unit-type slot to another unit-type - for both AI behavior and applicable research- but this is a code limitation and probably can't be changed. It would be nice...

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well also if you make the anti-tank a garrison use the garrison scripts for just that.

In my game the UK has 3 garrisons. They are permanent for London, Malta, and Gibralter. I scripted out the UK building it and all of them DONT move. Thats how I did it.

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