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Using the editor. In event scripts I am trying to write a event script that has a begin date and a cancel date.


Start date for mod 1939/03/03

MR Pact comes into effect 1939/08/25

Between these dates I have a script that increases the Russian activation by 50-60% if a axis unit is within 3 squares of Warsaw (executes fine). But on August 25 I want the event canceled as German and Russia have agreed to partition of Poland and there should be only a slight increase in Russian Activation (1-5%). Do I need a second event script to cancel the first? Can I use the same script and have a begin date / end date? or a specified number of turns in which the event is valid? Any suggestions :confused:

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How many turns will there be in your scenario between March and August 1939? Only I think that a spread of scripts (say every few turns, or even every Axis turn) to check this might be the easiest approach. Once you've made one script it's easy to just copy it, paste it, amend the date, paste again, etc...

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