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Toshiba Tecra 8200/CMBO

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Hi folks,

Hopefully there is anybody outside who can help me...

Ok, let's start:


CMBO has problems with the GUI


Toshiba Tecra 8200, 256 MB Ram, PIII/750, 16MB Vram (4xAGP)

Chipset Intel 815EM (Memory 82815 EM, I/O 82801 BAM (ICH2-M))

OS: W2K, last servicepack installed

DirectX: Version 8.1, all test's runs fine

CMBO-Version: 1.12 (-D ;)

Detailed problem description:

CMBO starts without problems, intro runs fine, after the intro I've got a black screen. This is stable until I press ALT+Tab,change to Win, then again ALT+Tab back to CMBO, voila, main screen is visible. By selecting new game, create fast game (sorry, only rough translations, I am do not remember the exact phrase) the main selection sreen pops up. But I have real problems to select the items, at first I have to click each item twice to set the focus and than I have to try each selection again and again until I am able to select the requested setting (I should add, that I have to use ALT+Tab for each new screen). The selection of the troops/tanks/etc. is slow, but works without further trouble.

If I reach finally the "Playground" at first all will be fine, fast, nice... until the computer hangs (during zooming around the map, not during calculation or playing the movie).

That was my last try to play CMBO... I belive I am not hard enough to play it instead of such problems.

However, I would be very happy if there is anybody with the right hint.

Thank you for reading and kind regards,


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Hi Phil,

thanks for your comment.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from the toshiba homepage. All other games still work fine, only cmbo doesn't work. Due to this and to the fact, that the directX Test runs without trouble, I belive, that there may be a problem with the CMBO-GUI for this VGA+I/O chipset.

However, thanks for your note.

Kind regards,


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Hmm. I ran CMBO on a Tecra 8100 (600 MHz PIII) for several months, no problems (win 98SE) but I didn't exactly have smooth frame rates. It had a Savage S3 video chipset... but if I recall, I had to revert back to Direct X 7 to make it run correctly. Give that a shot.

Hpt. Lisse

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks Hpt. Lisse,

That was the problem. I've installed a new partiton with DirectX7.5 and CMBO works fine... no crashes, no strange selection etc.

Maybe a useful hint for some other people out there, too... maybe useful to add this to the FAQ?

Again, thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


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