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Problem with textures

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First, sorry for my poor english ;)

I have problem with textures, when i start mission some kind of architects flashing mostly on the sky but on the ground too. I try to find similar problem, but peoples have different textures problems. I put here 2 screens ( try to imagine that it flashing )



I try to change Video card drivers and game graphical options, but it doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanx for helping



My configuration


Radeon 4850

Windows 7 x64 (Vista x64 had the same problem)

4gb Ram

I try to use Vista and 7 graphical drivers.

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Think you are having the same problem as many of us with this so called 'super,space age, way ahead of the future, :rolleyes :video card.....:mad:

Welcome to the club!!! :confused:

Wonky... Toddle Pip..

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Gen. Jaggen, the last Catalyst which works correctly is 9.2. I would download and install Catalyst 9.2 for Vista x64 in your case.

Unfortunately, there is little what can be done until Ati (hopefully) will fix the OpenGL compatibility. I recall there were similar glitches in times of Catalyst 5.8.

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