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  1. O.k now.. I have figured the problem out myself.... Whoever did this at 'BattleFront' needs to be put up against the wall, and be 'tickled' to death !!! What a dumb idea !!!!
  2. Ops...sorry.. Which one should it go to then ? New to this...
  3. I have downloaded Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943, and all is O.K up to the time when somebody,or something is destroyed... then the game enters the 'pause' mode... This drives me NUTS. :mad:... I have made sure the 'Pause' in set up, is NOT selected, and still the thing stops... I found the file within the game that gives you all the specs etc, BUT, it will not allow you to change any of the settings.. so the section on 'Messages', that lists the option's, will not allow me to put 'None', instead of 'Pause' and whatever else it says, and then 'save'..... So... what do I do to stop that anno
  4. Well chaps.. All working well now on the NEW 9.7 version.. Please download from ATI, but only if you are using ATI. I downloaded the FULL 9.7 catalyst version.. All works 100% with all set to max on video settings... Really happy now:D Wonky
  5. Think you are having the same problem as many of us with this so called 'super,space age, way ahead of the future, :rolleyes :video card.....:mad: Welcome to the club!!! :confused: Wonky... Toddle Pip..
  6. I did try that, but my new system that has the old XP, as I requested that instead of the Vista, which I have on my laptop (and TOW works on that, but everything is set to 'min', giving me a 6 -8 frame rate. That uses a GE driver.. but at least it works!!) The reason I had the XP pro installed, is because when I first got my laptop, which came with the Vista, it gave me nothing but trouble (meaning Vista), so after reloading Vista 3-yes 3 separate times from scratch, with the Dell technical (?) rep, I swore never to have Vista again. So when I ordered my new desktop, I only bought it
  7. Sneaksie.... I'm crying..balling my eyes out.. I think that I will jump off the nearest bridge!! Toddle Pip...
  8. Thank you 'Sneaksie' for your very prompt reply.. You conformed what I always though with the OpenGL. as you can see from my posts, the NEW driver from AMD, is more then useless.. worse then the 9.4, at least with that I had about two seconds before the picture went 'nuts', now it does that straight away, as soon as the picture appears.. big improvement? yea right.. bloody useless, that's what. I have sent complaints to AMD, describing the problem.. But no reply.. They must be having there cup of coffee and a doughnut.. Just a question for you. Why did you use OpenGL, and not Direc
  9. Hi JJ Van.. Here is the Radeon driver name that I was using on my old Dell before she 'blew'.. It was a Radeon X800 XT series, with the driver updated every few months until ATI turned into AMD.. They then stopped any support for that driver, but that was no big deal, as TOW had been 100% until the 'big bang' with the computer. Trouble is, I don;t know were, if at all, you could find that driver now.. I would be only to pleased to give you my old, but I know that has 'blown' big time on the old Dell. So that would not be any good I am afraid to you right now.. I confirm that the new
  10. Hi JJ_Van... I will look it up tomorrow if I can.. I will let you know what API Radeon driver I used on my old Dell when it worked 100% for me.. Toddle-Pip ole bean ..:confused: Wonky
  11. Over to you 'Sneaksie'... Please gives us all poor,sad,people a fix that works!!! I am sure I am speaking for all, in sayimg that we have tried everything until we are all 'blue' in the face.. Why is it that TOW2 will work 100%, but, the original seems to be flogging a dead horse...In other words, in English.. It is up the river without a paddle..or, It don't bloody work!!! :mad::mad: Hope you can fix our problem.. as I love this program like all of us I;m sure... Toddle-Pip.... :confused:
  12. Same trouble.. My new Dell, has the 4800 series driver. Have just updated to the latest driver, which will at least lunch the game..But- playing is another matter. Screen going 'nuts' with picture breaking up all over the place. Thing is on my old Dell, which had the old Radeon driver that was discontinued, all worked fine. But once again in the infinite wisdom of AMD, have brought one out that doe's not work. Hoping that perhaps there new 9.5 version will fix it.. But, I am not holding out much hope on that. Like you Guys and Gals if there are any, all works fine with the new TOW2.. A
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