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Fun game... But almost unplayable


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I have been a Huge fan of ToW1 and played for awhile but stopped about 6 months ago due to it constantly CTD- now i certainly didn't want to stop- but i was almost forced so. Now after playing ToW2 i can say the game is great... but in much need of a patch and some serious help at this moment. For me, the game is almost unplayable... everytime i load a saved map i crash, therefore its almost useless. i run a Q66 Quad core with a 8800gt and 4gb of ram, never really have CTD issues except for ToW. If anyone had any ideas for me or some similar rant lemme know , thxs.

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In the same boat here. I wanna play but it's just not happening.

Mine crashes whenever I move the camera anywhere near Faid, in set up phase of the American campaign (as soon as I move the camera), and in the Brit campaign it's pretty much the same but sooner.

Yes I have that PoS vista32, may it die in a fire. I'm also running a Q66 quad but with a pair of 8800gt and a TripleHeadToGoDigital. 4Gb's of Ram, blah blah, blah.

Have tried dialing evrything down and a couple different driver versions, as well as waiting for a patch. So far No Joy....none.....in fact it's been quite the opposite.

Before I start cutting limbs of my box, I'm wondering if anyone has this thing working with a) SLI, b)TH2Gd, or c)both?



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