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El Derjine Campaign coming soon

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The campaign being fought partly on the El Derjine maps (A crossroad and a Counter Attack at El Derjine) should be ready in two weeks time.

5 maps should be sufficient for the battles, due to their rather big size.

The goal is to seize the dam area (already shown as a movie and with some shots in a thread) and to secure the bridge. Then an assault of the high plateaux is feasible. When it has been done, if it can be done ! Passes, leading to a farther down valley, have to be taken and hold. it is a grunt job in that "afghanistan ground style". Will your A company have enough platoons and squads fit enough to follow on, or will you have to back up and fall back to El Derjine or farther away ? That you will manage and have fun doing so.

It will be a campaign with LZ delivery, Platoon swift assault, Company assault, Mout fights, road opening with what it calls for (ambush, mines and or IED).

The replenishment of the troops has been closely watch, so that you don't end up fighting with a squad against the entire Syrian army, or 2 guys against 3 others guys has it has been seen on some scenarios of campaign. That part is not that easy to set.

If, it happens that I take an extra week, it will be to finalize the current testing to bring you a better campaign.


P.S: Thanks to the ones that made me to undertake that campaign following their precious AAR from the preceedings battles

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You should like it. The battle ground is quite different.The field of view is rather like what you might find in Afghanistan. The fights for the control of the valleys and or hilltops will be difficult, against reserve, guards and or Hajis. depending of the battle.


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I downloaded the latest version of Crossroad - much improved. I enjoyed the original but, as I commented at the time, the enemy surrendered earlier than I'd expected so I didn't have to fight for the town. This time the battle was longer and harder. It's a really great map and very enjoyable.

Unfortunately I had to abandon Counter Attack because of the Very Big Map bug which prevents me saving. I'm hoping that's been fixed for the upcoming patch, and greatly looking forward to your campaign.

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