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If you are interested in Operation CRUSADER

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I also highly recommend his other book on the Greek campaign 'The Gods were neutral', and Cyril Joly's 'Take these men'.

Here is a list of posts on the blog. You can access them via the blog map:


Naval Forces

Small Naval Unit Losses

Large Naval Unit Losses

Supply Statistics for North Africa

The Insect Gunboats

Force K Reports

Successful Italian Convoys November 1941

Italian Naval Vessels engaged during CRUSADER

Transport Ship Tonnage Losses on the Italy-Libya Route

The Italian ‘Liberty’ Ships

Ground Forces

Defending Position 19

Major Ground Commands and Commanders

Counterbattery Observation

11th Indian Brigade in CRUSADER

Some views on the Matilda II

6 NZ Brigade on Totensonntag

Italian Division Strengths on 1 February 1942

German General Officer Casualties During CRUSADER

Battalion Kolbeck on Ed Duda 1/2 Dec 41

Sonderverband 288’s Arrival in Africa

Finding your way around the battlefield – German style

OOB of 101st Motorised Infantry Division Trieste

The Tobruk Amphibious Assault Scare

Air Forces

The major air commands and commanders

A look on the waterlogged landing grounds

The Fleet Air Arm

The impact of air operations

Italian Air Force frontline strength

Air Transport to North Africa

I./StG 3 in North Africa

Daily Italian Air Force History

Regia Aeronautica Fighter Planes during CRUSADER

Regia Aeronautica Bombers during CRUSADER

Combat Reports

Combat Report 7th Hussars

Some Italian Navy Reports

Combat Report 15th Rifle Brigade 28 Dec. 1941

Combat Report Panzerregiment 8 29 November 41

Diary of Composite Squadron NEMO

An expensive visit to Castelveltrano


Losses in Operation CRUSADER

First Impressions

The Role of Crete

Effect on Air Transport in Russia

The Admiral’s Views are Wild

German Strategy in the Mediterranean

Directive No. 38

The Impact of the War in the Far East

The Strategic Impact of the Counteroffensive

Rommel’s Misappreciation of the Battle – 2 Dec 41

‘The Good Source’ – the Axis intelligence success against US codes


Lieutenant McGinlay’s DSO

Jock Campbell’s VC

Sir Arthur Coningham

Personal Pictures by an Italian Soldier


The Coleraine Battery

The Tiger Kills

Iron Hulls Iron Hearts

Green Book on Torch

The Mediterranean Fleet – Greece to Tripoli

Books of Interest

The War against Rommel’s Supply Lines

Afrika Korps Tome 1

The Battles of the Malta Striking Forces

Sir Arthur Coningham

A short write-up on Reid’s Force E

History of 4th Armoured Brigade

Fighting Flotilla

Ali D’Africa


AHF Forum Discussions

Discussion on SV 288

War Art

Souda Bay War Graves

Happy 100th Birthday Royal Navy Aviation!

All the best


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