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Computer Crashed/License Key Stuck

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Good Morning,

I put CMSF/Marines that I got by download into two computers last week one of which just crashed. How do I get that one unlicensed so I can put it in another computer until I get mine fixed.

I am having withdrawl symptons already as I cant beat my son on the network games we were playing <VBG> anymore. Actually he trounces me most games.

Thanks for any help. Take care.


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Hi Moon,

Thanks anyway But I was able to get it fixed. For some reason it became unstable with the 4 GB of memory I have had in there for months and wouldnt even post. I took two out and it wouldnt boot so I moved the two to the other channel slots and it started fine. The really funny opart is I then put the first two sticks back in the now empty slots and it is runnibg fine. I guess the memory sticks just wanted a change of view <VBG>. Thanks again. Take care.


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