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At first I thought this was silly....

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It's a Dave H sighting....does this mean 6 more weeks of winter?

I know Gatorade is gonna pimp this like a cheap Thai hooker but the bit about the dropping 30 lbs is pretty good. Plus it might motivate some of those doughy boys back to a healthy lifestyle.

If I could whip up six more weeks of winter just for you it would be my pleasure. Of course you could move to Minnesota or Canada or Finland and have winter all year long. :D

I don't think the article mentioned if Gatorade was assuming full financial responsibility for any injuries suffered in this game. I imagine that insurance issues will stop this farce in its tracks before one of these long-ago athletes really gets himself hurt.

OTOH, let's say this game comes off and draws a decent TV audience for some bizarre reason. What comes next on the Gatorade "Remaking History" series? Little League? Jarts? Going back 16 years to replay a high school game that was already played to completion once seems pretty ridiculous. Finishing a game in a tie hasn't always had such a negative stigma attached except to a handful of deep thinkers like Bear Bryant.

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