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Visio hyperlinking

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Okay, you guys are smart....well most of you are, so let's see if anyone has experience with this:

I have relatively small, uncomplicated spreadsheet that contains data that I would like to reference in a Visio gant chart to wow friends and neighbors. That's not true. I want to be able to present this to the higher ups so that when they look at it and start to ask me questions I can tell them to click on the text and have specific pages of said spreadsheet pop up, thereby answering their questions and proving what a bad-a$$ employee I am. a la wikipedia. Know what I mean? I am also working on reference documents in word that I would like to hyperlink to as well.


-Haven't a fecking clue how to go about this. I RTFM....or at least the resident 'Help' feature but how they show it I end up with a shape, not text.

-Our inhouse Visio guy didn't even know that this feature existed.

Thanks for any help.


PS I have gone to Tek-Tips but I don't see any topics which address this specifically. Off to googly it again.

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Well, I am working in a gantt chart so the secret is click on the box->insert->hyperlink->browse (make sure to change the file type if looking for excel or word) and 'ok'. Done.

The tricky part, or tricky for me, was seeing what you had done. You won't see any difference until you scroll your mouse over that box and then the hyperlink symbol will show up under your cursor. Right click on the box to bring up options and then scroll up to the sphere with 3 chain links under it and it takes you to the document. I have gone back and changed the font color on anything I am hyperlinking to so that others will see that there is a source document or reference material if they have any questions.

I think there will be lots of people calling me about this 'feature' but I think I can make all the monkeys step into line.

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