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Missing license key

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Your keys are saved in your customer account at www.battlefront.com/store. You need to login. You can retrieve lost login info at www.battlefront.com/lostpw

If you have purchased the bundle, you MUST install the Marines expansion before licensing. The key for the bundle won't work on CMSF alone. After installing CMSF and THEN the Marines module, your key will activate BOTH at the same time. This is explained in the FAQ for CMSF modules at www.battlefront.com/faq

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Hello Moon

I'm in my account looking, but can't find the license key.

First I installed SF and when I tried to install

marines but could not install, only play !

When I tried to play it asked for license key

and it gave error 501:(

I have purchased and installed SF once before and

purchased the download version of Marines and

without problems so why now ?


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Have you purchased the "mail delivery only" option? If so, then your key is printed on a label on the product itself (usually the game manual or the box).

Error 501 usually means either a typo, or that you're entering the wrong key for the wrong game. This would happen if you try to enter the key for the BUNDLE when you have installed JUST the base game.

To correctly install and license, you only need to keep two things in mind:

a) install any modules you own AFTER the base game

B) use the right key (the one for the module) to activate both the base game and the module

That's all, really. You cannot make the base game work with a key for the module, and vice versa.

Since this is a public forum, you shouldn't be posting any keys here, so probably it would be best for further support to post a ticket at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk if needed.

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