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Bug loading campaign saves between battles


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As always sorry if this has been mentioned. It seems so obvious it would almost have to have been noticed before, but I searched and found nothing, so:

When playing a campaign, since v1.11, when each battle ends two things happen: First, you are offered to save the game. After that you are given the choice of whether to play the next battle in RT or WeGo.

However, when I load one of these between-battle campaign saves, I do not get the choice of RT or WeGo for the next battle. Next battle loads immediately in the play style of the last battle (RT in my case). Apparently the style of play is coded into the between-battle savegame and the ability to choose is lost because the engine doesn't give me the option box when loading from the file and not continuing directly from the last battle.

Although these are the most common saves for me to load from, I had never noticed the absence of the choice box since I haven't ever had the urge to play WeGo. Which might be the reason why nobody else has posted about this, I guess most players don't change their style of play frequently. Either that or it has been noted and I just can't find it :). It just became important because I wanted to send a save to a beta tester and was loading it to be sure it was the right one. And I know the testers like to have stuff in WeGo, so I was waiting for the option box which never came...

Issue? No issue? Known issue? Silly me for missing something obvious? Comments welcome :)

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Thanks Steve. I think you got it the second time around :).

I actually AM talking about the saves between scenarios. When I load one of those I don't get a choice of RT or WeGo.

The way it is now kinda defeats its own purpose, since I can neither go back and replay a campaign scenario in the opposite game mode if I think I'll have better chances that way (or my PC can't handle RT well for a large scenario), nor can I send a tester a save for testing in WeGo if I have been playing in RT.

Anyway, you're onto it and that's what I was posting for. See ya!

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