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Weird Enemy Deployment

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Soooo, I after having a crack at the Marines campaign I decided to go back and restart the TF Thunder campaign, as I never got round to finishing it. Now I'm on the second mission, and I've noticed that the Red forces are deployed in really odd places, mainly a few meters forward of where you'd expect them to be. For example, during Breakthrough at the Berm several (not all but most) of the Red forces started in front of their trenches. Likewise, some of the troops i'd expect to be in the buildings in the centre of the map were situated in front of the buildings, in the open desert.

I did'nt think much of it until I got to the second mission and a similar thing has happened again. None of the units I've spotted so far are actually inside the buildings, they're all out in open spaces. Naturally, this is making things perhaps a little too easy for my troops.

This didn't happen during my first go at TF Thunder (waaaaay back in 1.2 I think) and it didn't happen when I played Marines recently. I'm all patched up to date. Any ideas what's up?

Apologies if this has been posted before!

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I restarted TF Thunder after patching to v1.11 and I did not encounter this behaviour. Though I have to say I found the first two battles of TF Thunder relatively easy nonetheless, at least compared to the Marines Campaign and especially user made campaigns like Hasrabit or TF Narwick.

No idea what's causing your problem, guys.

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