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Derek Zumbro

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Hi, guys. It's been a while. I hope everyone's doing well. I'm glad to see this forum is still chugging along. I had to give up CMBB because it won't run properly(cascading graphics glitch) on my new PC. There was no time, anyway, because I went back to school.

Speaking of school, I was in my university's book store when I spotted a name: Zumbro. The name didn't immediately ring a bell, but a quick google turned up In Deadly Combat. Much forehead-slapping followed. It turns out that he's the military history coordinator here. He's even given lectures on Bidermann's memoir not far from my home, and I had no idea. D'oh!

So, I contacted him and he penciled me in for a meeting. We had a very interesting conversation. We discussed the book, among a number of things. I told him about this site, but he does not seem to have any interest in video games, especially the war kind. It must be a veteran thing.

I was more than a little surprised to learn that he is in regular contact with Herr Bidermann, who is still alive at 89 years old, though his health is apparently failing. I returned the surprise when I told him that his book is practically required reading for CMBB players. Before I knew it, we were two hours into a lengthy discussion on the Eastern front. Fascinating stuff. He even squeezed in some grumbling about Ambrose. lol

They're starting a new master's in military history program here, too. I have a new goal in life.

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