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It comes from quick sources whom have no idea who battlefront is... but the general gist of the rumor is... CM:TS

Combat Mission:Taiping Slaughter

Raise your paddy knives and your cannons... guard the dragon forts....

the Manchu's have laid metal, have roosted and slammed their iron fist. The Taipings are marching....(the kingdom of piece has come to relieve the opium laden swine)

the British and French module soon to follow.....

see flashy swing into desperate action...

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Well, since CMx2 troops already maneuver in the drunken style (You have shown great skill), modeling Shaolin monks in hand-to-hand combat should be a cinch. ;-p

And we'll naturally need building fires (as the European troops loot and torch the Imperial palaces). And since I assume water will be in by then, perhaps we'll see some paddlewheelers steaming up the Yangtze.

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