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How to rename units

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Thank you. Tried some variations but my best bet was "soldier names western.txt" like it should be, maybe?. Now that the file is named "soldier names american", shouldn't there be some nice indian names like Sitting Bull and The One Who Makes Himself Stupid With These Kind of Notices or something? :P

Thanks for reminding me this can be done. When the Brits module comes out I intend to put the surnames of everyone I know in it! I used to do that with things like M1 Tank Platoon II and it was great fun telling my mates they'd just bought it in the last battle!

I have kind a same plan here. I have modded CMSF that it's like NATO vs. Russia coalition? or so and I want to use more european names mixed up with american ones. And of course there's gonna be few of my friends's and relatives's names included, of course... :)

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Jorges, have you unrez'd the game's BRZ files? The corresponding text files are there, so if you want to add to the American names you can grab the original and add more names to it.

No I haven't. Thanks for the tip, I think I'm going to use this method. Now I only have to figure out how I unrez'd the BRZ files, but I think I can find the answer from this forum. I'll ask for help if needed. Kiitos!

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