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Different graphic quality with the same settings ?

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Hi there,

I've started to PBEM "USMC-Circle the Wagons" scenario and the textures quality looks a bit blurred, average contrast, no color depth, average shadows. It only occurs with this scenario. Other PBEM games or PBEM QB looks prefectlty textured with high quality graphics (AMD 5600XP + 8800GTX, CMSF 1.11, with all graphic options set to 'best')

The "USMC-Circle the Wagons" is perfectly playable otherwise. It just look average for the graphics compared to the other scenario/QB.

The whole game is running smootly at the highest graphic quality since I've installed it when it was released. I've never had any issue.

Anyone else has encountered this strange graphic issue with "USMC-Circle the Wagons" or other scenario/QB ?




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Thanks for the pics. For 'USMC Circle the wagon' it looks the same at home as on your pic in PBEM as in a Hotseat game. So it could be the weather parameter that gives these hazed textures ?

I'm going to compare the same vehicules/troops/buildings in QB with the same weather parameters. If it doesn't look the same I'm going to post some pics from the 'USMC Circle the wagon' vehicules/troops/buildings compared to the same vehicules/troops/buildings in a QB.

Thanks again.

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Test is done: vehicules/troops/buildings in a QB with overcast weather. So , my apologize. It's indeed the overcast weather parameter that gives this hazy style texures to the vehicules/troops/buildings.

I know it won't be changed but less hazy textures in an overcast weather would look better. A greyer sky perhaps instead ?

Anyway, thanks for your help and test and sorry for the waste of time.

CMSF rocks anyway ! (especialy 1.11)


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