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CM unplayable on Voodoo 5500?

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Today I upgraded my old TNT 1 card (which ran Combat Mission perfectly) to a Voodoo 5 5500, but as one might figure, no hardware upgrade seems to go smoothly...

CM, even after reinstalling it, the video drivers, and DirectX has "white spots" where all the text should be in-game (i.e. text boxes that show unit numbers, key commands, and menus), as well as exhibiting a tendancy (before entering the graphical map area of the game, i.e. the setup menus) to display text from the previous menu where the mouse cursor happens to be. Needless to say, if I can't see any stats because they are 'whited out" because of a graphical problem, knowing what's going on is going to be near-impossible. smile.gif

Having tried all the reinstalling options I can, has anyone got an idea on how I can fix this without having to take my new Voodoo card back to the store? frown.gif

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These are the latest drivers (if you don't have them already):


I've heard rumblings from some owners of the graphic anomalies that the Voodoo 5 has. I guess most have "adapted" to it in some manner.

I don't know where it is in the display control panel, but you probably want to disable the second chip (VCA-100) on the board and that may help your problem.

Here's a thread about some specifics on the driver installation. It may apply to you.


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Thanks 'Schrullenhaft', disabling the second chip on the V5 cleared up the worst of the graphical issues (no more white boxes instead of text, which was my main problem)!

It also seemed to fix the mouse problem as well.

I may keep this card after all. smile.gif

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