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Pre-Established Coordinates

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I was thinking, a cool and useful feature could be added to the off map support in CMSF. Perhaps say that you know that an enemy mech company is going to travel through a small valley between two hills. You decide to call in an artillery strike, but by the time the rounds are done spotting, the enemy is gone.

This prompts my question:

Would it be possible to "load" artillery and CAS missions for your spotters at the beginning of the game, so that all you would have to do would be to say (for example) "fire at target alpha", and a accurate, pre-sighted fire mission would begin immediatly. (I remember that there was somthing along these lines in CMBO).

I don't mean pre planned missions for the opening turn, like those you can set now, but you can allocate guns to certain pre-sighted areas and when needed, you can instantly call in accurate fire.


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