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Shots fire too high - target ground in front!

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Except if you want to hit a vehicle that you know is there but can't get LOS on :). The Brad's Bushmaster is pretty good at destroying unspotted vehicles, but to do that you may even want to set the area target a little further back than the action spot you expect it to be in, depending on the terrain.

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Regarding small arms, I recall a conversation from quite awhile ago. Someone commented that a green soldier will tend to fire his weapon high. Some of this may have to do with muzzle climb (watch those AK tracers climb during a burst), some to do with over-compensation for range. That's one of the reasons why there have been so few (relatively speaking) gunshot wounds in Iraq.

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Same thing with Elites. I'm pretty sure the shooting too high is by design, to get casualties where they want them, or somefink. No idea to be honest, but I do know that when you want to hit something the worst thing you can do is area target right on it. In some cases area targeting in front of fully id'd targets is better than targeting them directly - lol. Strange but true!

I remember this being true in CM1 as well. I can't remember why, but against infantry I usually got better results with area fire than direct targeted fire.

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