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scenario exit hang

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So far running only Guadalcanal scenario (my training scenario). When I attempt to exit to main menu, the game hangs. Much disk activity at first, but screen does not refresh.

If I wait about twenty seconds then pass the mouse cursor over the part of the screen where the buttons for the main menu would be, they pop up through the map. The buttons are live.

At first I was bringing up the task manager to exit. Now I can wait, bring the buttons up through the map, then click on the Exit Game button to close it.

Running Vista SP1, NVIDIA GE Force 8600 GTS running in 1680x1050, 32-bit color

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Started a Z campaign. When purchasing a tech research point for Japan, I click the up arrow, the dialog box OK or Cancel comes up. I click Ok. After that, I can't click anything else in the technology panel until I close it and reopen it. Also, the point I purchased does not update as purchased until I reenter the tech window.

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