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Running the game

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Hi everyone!

I need help! My older computer, a Gateway with XP system ran the game, although a little slow. I just bought a new Dell System and I can't even get the game to run, and I don't know why? It has much more memory and power. I want to get ToW running before I purchase ToW2. My specs are as follows and any help would be greatly appreciated. When I purchased the computer I told them I needed one that would handle todays high end games, and this is what the salesman recommended. Thanks in advance!


Dell XPS 630I running XP Professional, Intel Core2 Quad

Service PAck 3

288 GB Storage, physical

Total Physical Ram, 3.3 Gb

Processors are CPU Q6600@2.40 Ghz

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

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Make sure you download and install the patch, then try again. If it still doesn't run, do two things:

- check out www.battlefront.com/faq and look under the TOW Troubleshooting Guide for the entry "I try to run the game and nothing happens"

- check if the file runservice.exe is located in your C:\Windows folder. If not, email sales@battlefront.com with reference to this thread (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=85251) or post to the HelpDesk at www.battlefront.com

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Okay, I'll reinstall, but before trying it I'll download the Uber Patch, and if that doesn't work try looking for that file. Do you guys think this machine has enough to play ToW? I really hope so, thats why I dished out quite a few bucks for this machine. I appreciate your help, thanks again......will let you know the outcome!


Richard Dinaso

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