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[Feature Request] Access to last turn intel summary

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A great addition to the reports screen would be a last turn intel summary. I often find myself forgetting what got sunk, what ships were spotted and where, and what other significant popups told me. Ex: Was that a cruiser or a battleship I sunk last turn? I don't see that carrier anymore, where did I spot it last turn?

Even better would be if a log could be kept for saved games and accessed through the reports screen. It would be a great aide for building AARs. Something in this format:



Battleship spotted off Tokyo

Australia allows US to use Brisbane

Nevada refloated in Pearl Harbor

MacArthur arrives in Australia

The Dutch are scared

Marines deployed in San Diego

Carrier Soryu sunk by BB New Mexico


Chinese 5th destroyed by Japanese 2nd

Chinese 6th destroyed by Japanese 23rd Tactical Bombers

Hong Kong Surrenders



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Ahh, I like this idea of intelligence reports. Let me make a suggestion in keeping with the way raiding subs are handled.

Suppose that units previously spotted leave a lingering outlined apparition, a tranparent footprint if you will that fades out over the next preceding turns.

In this manner you have an on map "intel report" for reference during your turn that becomes old later and less reliable but still serves as a "note" completely disappearing by the third turn after origination.

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