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ok (this is about CM:AK stick with me), having been burned by ToW, I avoided CM:SF on release, which seemed to be the right thing for me to do, as now not only were the follow up reviews for v1.10 good but Gamersgate had it for a cool 9.99 Euros, less then a tenner in my money, ergo, bargain and worth a shot, especially with the Brits on the way.

I wasnt mistaken, and I'm really pleased with it, barring a few niggles (mainly pathing), I've had a good time playing it.

So feeling the warm fuzzy I returned henceforth for some cmx1 action, but what is this? Gamersgate has CM:AK at a whopping 25euros?

From what I can tell the last patch for CM:AK was in 2004, the warm fuzzy faded. I fully expected my bargain haul of CM goodness to continue, but I'm stopped dead in my tracks.

Now that means I can get the CMAK bundle (with the book) for £5 cheaper than just the game at Gamersgate, but I'll have to wait for delivery.

So I think I'll hang fire on that for now, but thought it worth pointing out. Perhaps there is some mistake?

Even CM:BO is more expensive than Shockforce.

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No mistake. Or at least, not on our end.

If there is a mistake then it's made by retail in reducing prices for good long-lasting games way too early and way too far.

It's because retail wants to shift lots of products quick quick quick. Shop managers are judged by square footage turnaround and cheap sh...tuff is selling quicker, so who is to blame them.

Game makers adjusted to this by releasing great looking games with canned missions and low replay value. They don't care if the game is sold for $5 two months later, they make 50%+ of their money on day one.

The only one to blame is the customer by falling into the same trap over and over. It's like from a bad slapstick movie from the 20s where the little tramp keeps running into the same shovel, getting a smack into the face and then turning right around ;)

Uh... where was I? Ah yes... no mistake. For fair pricing based on game value, see our store.

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Ah no worries just surprised me.

Anyway, I played the CMAK demo and I enjoyed it, so I'll get it from Battlefront in the new year. I did look on ebay but no joy for either, there was however a Shockforce with the mouse mat, map and manual, so bought that for a fiver, so now I have it twice, hohum. Just don't tell my wife.

Thanks for replies!

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