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Helmet-cam footage from salon.com


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Not sure how salon.com was able to get helmet-cam footage of a dying soldier, but here it is: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/10/14/friendlyfirevideo/

The leg was blurred on the family request by the way.

On the afternoon of Dec. 4, 2006, Pfc. Albert Nelson was wounded and Pfc. Roger Suarez-Gonzalez was killed during an exchange of fire in "building #2" close to the south bank of the Euphrates River in Ramadi, Anbar province, Iraq. This video, which was recorded from the point of view of the men in building #2 that day, appears to show an American tank firing on them, followed by an attempt to assign official blame for the death of Suarez and the injuries to Nelson to Iraqi insurgents firing mortars. Nelson later died of his wounds

Can anyone comment on how it would be different if a civilian paramedic responded to, say, a car crash where there was victim with a severed limb? I'm not suggesting anything about the nature of the care in the video above; I'm just curious as to how it would differ.

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