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manual error

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page 148 about compiling a campaign;

at: " 2. Load the Core Units File". By doing that I would just load the whole core units scenario that has nothing to to with the campaign I want to make and,besides,transform the core units into auxiliary units. Shouldn't it be "import campaign units from the core units file"?

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Hmm, I'm not sure if what I said was correct after all. Should have looked at the page before commenting... As is said at point 7: If the Script File contains no errors a new file, with the .CAM, extension appears in the Campaigns directory. The file name is taken from the currently open scenario, which should be the Core Units File.

Also remember this, if you want your campaign to have an initial briefing:

Note: the very beginning of a Campaign starts out with a special one

time Campaign Briefing. This is identical to a normal battleā€™s

briefing, complete with Operational Order (OPORD) and maps.

CM looks for this information in the Core Units File, which should

be loaded when the Campaign is compiled (see next section).

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strange,because the name of my .CAM file is not the same as that of the scenario opened,but is the same as that of the script txt file. Besides,from the game manual I understand that the core units file is only a source of core units for the scenarios,not a scenario itself,so there should be no reason to load it into editor,but rather to pull the units from it for the campaign,by using the "import campaign units" tab in the editor.

But I tried to do it like is says in the manual,and the result was that the "core" units transformed into auxiliary units and were not used in the next battles.

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